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About us



In early 2003, Phil and Marianne 
Nelson felt a great burden and calling 
of the Lord to provide milk to a handful of needy 
children in the Guajitos sector of 
Guatemala City. Because this Texas couple 
had adopted two of their three children in Guatemala

many years before who had been affected by mal-nutrition,

they wanted to reach out to their adopted 
children's biological siblings, still living 
in poverty in Guatemala. Many

little ones die of disease or 
mal-nutrition because their mothers 
just can't feed them.
Thus, the simple beginning of HOWW 

In 2008 the ministry
grew exponentially! 55 pastors and 
lay workers from a variety of churches 
and evangelical denominations were 
serving almost 2000 needy children 
from the poorest neighborhoods in and 
throughout Guatemala.

More than a nutritional ministry though, 
HOWW developed and published an 

(a 150-lesson study from Genesis through Revelations).

They also developed a personal discipleship program.

These programs have been designed for small 
children to enjoy

and to grow in their understanding of God and His Word.

As the volunteers have ministered to the children 
in the feeding circles, the Gospel of 
Jesus Christ has been taught, giving them an 
opportunity to give their open hearts to 
Jesus and become true disciples of
His Word.

Through many of the children from the feeding program, the doors have been opened for HOWW to reach otherwise hardened and bitter parents and their neighbors.


For several years, the HOWW Bible Institute trained Christian leaders, teachers and children’s workers from many different denominational churches in Guatemala City and surrounding areas.

Over the last few years, HOWW has developed an evangelistic team of over 25 volunteers which currently ministers all over Guatemala and surrounding countries.


Our Mission 

  • Train and disciple ministry teams

  • Feed and disciple children from the most impoverished areas

  • HOWW discipleship clubs

  • Teach and disciple police

  • Minister to addicts and gang members

  • Prison evangelism

  • Street evangelism

  • Visiting the sick in hospitals

  • Work with local pastors

  • Disaster relief

  • Short-term mission trips

  • Anti-drug programs in public schools

  • University evangelism

  • Evangelize on military bases

  • Evangelize shoe shine boys

  • Work with local churches


Guatemala has been ravaged by 
vicious gang violence, usually 
attributable to broken and 
poverty-stricken homes with children 
left to fend for themselves!
HOWW ministries is there, doing all 
that God directs to make a lasting 
difference in the hearts of the lost
and hurting.



  • Train and disciple more ministry teams

  • Discipleship Training Institute

  • Expand outreaches to children

  • Expand outreaches to police

  • Teach the HOWW model to local churches

  • Expand prison ministry

  • Multiply short-term missions

  • Develop unity among local churches

  • Find a headquarters for the ministry

  • Acquire additional ministry vehicles

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